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Todd and JT Hartman: the final year


For a lot of athletes, parents can only watch athletic events from the stands, but not for senior JT Hartman. His dad, Todd Hartman, has not only had the opportunity to stand on the sidelines but also be his coach.

For the Hartmans, this is not an out-of-the-ordinary experience, it’s one that runs in the family. 

“Coaching is in my blood. My dad was a football coach at both the college and high school levels,” Todd said. “I grew up watching him coach, and I was lucky enough to have him as a football coach in college.“

Todd not only serves as an assistant coach for FHC’s varsity football program but also as the head coach for the varsity baseball team. This is part of the reason why JT plays these sports.

“I decided to play football and baseball because ever since I was young, my dad was always coaching, “ JT said. “ I was always around the game and on the sidelines, so I began to love watching and playing the sports.”

Todd first started coaching JT when he was only in kindergarten playing flag football and has remained as his coach ever since. Now, almost 13 years later, Todd and JT have one last year together. 

Certain perks come with coaching your son, and Todd knows this. He has been able to not only establish a unique relationship from father to son but also from coach to player with JT and the other seniors on the team as well. 

“I have developed a special connection to this group of players, especially the seniors. I have watched them grow and develop as both athletes and young men. One thing I truly enjoy is when a bunch of players stop over to our house after practice or a summer lifting session, “ Todd said. “I have memories of watching these guys compete when they were just learning to play the game, watching them make mistakes, and watching them win games. I have enjoyed watching these guys play together, learning life-long lessons and building life-long friendships.”

Many athletes like their parents to remain far away from the sidelines and establish some distance to keep their sport as something unique to them, but that is not the case for JT. 

“I love having my dad as my coach because he is someone who knows and cares a lot about the game and will always try to push me to do and be the best that I can,” JT said. 

However, as time goes on, everything has to come to an end. The hardest part about having someone in the same position in your life for so long is when that day finally comes. For JT, it will be bittersweet as he is not only leaving his coach but also leaving his dad. 

“What I am going to miss the most about being coached by my dad is not seeing him on the practice field every day and missing the quality time we spent together talking about plays and the game at home,” JT said. “I will also miss the great memories we’ve created together, like all of our car rides home after practices and games, film studies and workouts, the times we spent at home practicing, and the special connection we shared on and off the field.  Some of my favorite memories were created during sports, and I am so grateful to have my dad as a coach next to me for them. “

Looking into the future, JT and Todd can agree that next year will be hard for both of them. Although those thoughts are slowly becoming more of a reality, Todd feels grateful for the opportunity he was granted. 

“Next year will be different not coaching JT and this group of seniors,” Todd said. “I have cherished the time we have been able to spend together. I was lucky to coach my son during his four years of high school. I will definitely miss this group of seniors. I have coached multiple players and teams throughout the years, and I will continue the FHC tradition of excellence moving forward.”

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