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Fall teams are preparing for the postseason


As fall sports dwindle down to the postseason, all of the teams prepare a different way and train a different way. 


Volleyball does a handful of things to prepare, and one of their versions of it is a modified version of playoff cuts, but they all look the same. Senior captain Avery Weslow states what exactly they do with their hair.

“We cornrow our hair and dye the underside pink as well as green tinsel, ” Weslow said.

But traditions aren’t the only way teams have to prepare for playoffs. There is a big mental component as well to these playoffs, and every team, especially volleyball, is getting in the right mindset for the games ahead, and that is what senior captain Kadence Roelfzema sees. 

 This year, for the playoffs, we have hard competition, ”  Roelfzema said. “So I think we are just looking to have a good mindset and go into every game giving it everything we have and proving that we are a top competitor.”

But volleyball is also very calm and collected going into playoffs. Roelfzema knows their roster is elite from top to bottom, and all the players know that they can win if they play together and execute well. 

“Our team has a lot of amazing talent,”  Roelfzemasaid. “I think that what makes us better and more competitive is our drive to play for each other and our constant hustle and determination to get to every ball.”


One of the most dominant sports in the past couple of years is football, and they take their postseason very seriously with a handful of things on and off the field. However, one thing in particular that football takes seriously is the players’ health. During this time, they go harder for a shorter amount of time to maximize their time and ensure players are staying healthy as well.

A player in particular that has taken notice of this is senior Ty Hudkins.

“The football team is doing a lot of things to prepare,” Hudkins said. “Such as shorter practices, wearing fewer pads, and doing more rehab to stay healthy.”

Another thing football does is one of the most common traditions and is a recurring thing amongst almost every FHC sports program: playoff haircuts. It helps show unity and make the school aware of what time of year it is. This is one of those all-time traditions that will never die. 

“Playoff haircuts are the most popular and best tradition,” said Hudkins. “Some people dye their mustaches as well.”

But once the playoffs begin, the football team has their eyes set on one trophy and one trophy only. Hudkins states how this is the only goal the Ranger football team has wanted to accomplish this year.

“The State Championship,” said Hudkins.

Womens Swim and Dive 

Swim and dive hits the pool hard to create as much momentum as they can to win as much as possible for the postseason. They do a lot of specialized training in the pool to help increase a more meet-like scenario, so all the swimmers are ready to go and feel like they have prepared adequately.

One athlete who has been preparing to perform well in the postseason is varsity swimmer sophomore Alison Meny.

“For the last few weeks of the season, we begin swimming with tights on to create drag,” said Meny. “And when the conference happens in three weeks, it will feel much easier to swim and hopefully have us swim faster.”

But to succeed in the playoffs, the swim and dive team is hoping to have as many of their swimmers qualify as possible. To set a statement, the whole state that they have the most complete team. And also to hopefully push them farther into the postseason.

Senior diver Rachael Yeager emphasizes how they can better their chances when it comes to these larger meets.

“Our goal is to have as many of us as possible qualify for Regionals [for divers] and State [for both swim and dive],” said Yeager. “The more people who qualify, the better our team’s chances are at those meets.”

The qualifying process for swimming can be a mix of both worlds: sad and happy. This is why the post-season for swim and diving is so unique. You may qualify, but someone else on your team may not. 

“The postseason is exciting because it’s a chance to compete against the highest competition in the state,” said Yeager. “It’s especially exciting because you don’t know if you’re going to qualify, so it motivates us to work extra hard.”

Cross Country

Every day, the cross country team has been working; no matter the weather or conditions, they are always out there putting in work for the one time of year they all get excited about the playoffs.

Gwen Lamport, who is a junior on the cross country team, emphasizes how the team has bonded throughout this hard work.

“The team has been training hard, putting in their miles and work,” said Lamport. “The team has been bonding and getting closer, which has connected us deeper. It’s all come down to this moment, and I think the team is prepared.”

There is also a different tradition that is done every year with the girls’ side of the team rather than the usual playoff cuts or hairstyles that all look the same. Lamport explains the uniqueness of how the girls cross country team strays away from regular traditions.

“Every year, we have a new “item” that each person gets,” said Gwen. “Like last year, we got a Lululemon jacket with a state cross-country emblem on it. This year, though, the girls are going to do hot pink spandex that we run in.”

Along with the traditions that the cross country team has created for themselves, there have been many goals set in order for the team to look and aim for. Junior cross-country runner Anna Krampe goes into depth about the goals that the team has set in place going into this postseason.

“The goals the team has are to work up to being conference champs,” said Krampe. “Then to be regional champs and make it to states. We have been putting in the work at practice, so hopefully, it will pay off, leading them into states to be ranked high. And the girl’s team is unbelievable this year and has worked for this, and I know they can accomplish it.”


After an exhilarating season, soccer is ready to go for the playoffs, and they are keying on two particular aspects of the game to help them prepare for their hopefully long and deep playoff push. 

Senior captain Alex Moeller states how exactly the varsity soccer team is preparing for going into this year’s playoffs.

“We are preparing for playoffs by prioritizing recovery by doing lots of stretching and foam rolling on days after games to minimize injuries,” said Moeller. “And working on penalty kicks in case that’s what the game comes down to.” 

The soccer team runs deep with bonds and friendships that have been put in place years ago, and that is a contributing part of their success this season, but how will they make sure to stay together in the tough and grueling parts of these playoffs?

Kyle Webb, who is a senior on the varsity soccer team, emphasizes the bonds that this team has created over the years, which has helped them throughout this season and hopefully going into playoffs.

“The soccer team is coming together for our hard playoff push by consistently encouraging each other and fighting for each other on and off the field,” said Webb. “It’s the brotherhood of this team that keeps us so tight, which then allows us to play to the best of our abilities.” 

The soccer team is looking to take it one game at a time this postseason, only looking ahead to what is next. But they have been taking notes as to who they would want to see to get revenge on from last year or even losses that occurred this year. The soccer teams do have some scores to settle with teams in these playoffs. But despite all that, Moeller explains all they want to do is continue to win. 

“We are looking forward to playing EGR in the second round after they beat us in the distinct final last year,” said Moeller. “Also, we are excited to hopefully have the chance to face Grand Rapids Christain in the district final; after they beat us earlier in the year and are considered our rivals, we would love to get revenge.”

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