FHC crew wins its first meet

FHC crew wins its first meet

Going into the season, FHC crew has high expectations. They win and they win a lot. This year will not be any different. The team started the season with a first-place finish at its ergatta on Saturday, March 25.  Isaac Stewart and Clare Sherman both respectively won lightweight mens and womens as well. Overall, the Rangers dominated the meet.

On this stacked roster, there are a lot of seniors. For many, it will be their last season rowing. As bittersweet as this ending is, they are still looking forward to the season. Senior Nate Philip commented on how he felt as a senior going into his last season. “We are all excited to head into the season and everyone worked very hard during the winter, we are on track to do great things.” Obviously, the rowers have put the work in, and it looks like it will pay off.

The crew team is one of the hardest-working teams in the school, and it shows. Junior Joey Sitarski spoke on the team’s work ethic. “No one misses practices, everyone shows up on time, and all our hard worked paid off.” This team is full of people who work hard. Even though Joey personally did not perform at his best, the team still won. This just shows how good they really are. Rockford, a rival of FHC’s, was also at the meet. They are some of the biggest competition the team will face locally.

Senior captain and Division I rowing commit Sam Logan also performed well. He placed third in the meet as a whole. Sam spoke on the meet as a whole. “Personally I set a new personal record and was only three seconds behind first place. And as a whole the atmosphere was great. Our team did a great job of supporting each other and getting loud.”

The FHC crew team is really just one big family. they spend so much time working together that they have become pretty close. With this, they do an excellent job of supporting each other.

This Ranger team is poised for an excellent season. Behind the star leadership of Sam Logan and stud underclassmen Clare Sherman and Joey Sitarski, the team will see a lot of wins this season. Sam also wanted to thank the parents and volunteers for the execution of the meet stating, “We couldn’t have done it without the support of the parents and volunteers who were able to make it possible.”