Fitness tips from FHC students


Fitness is one of the most important parts of our lives. Many students here at FHC stay consistent in their fitness as the days go on. It is always important to continue improving with tips from others. However, you do not have to look online or seek out a private instructor to learn these tips, for many people gain their advice from influencers and athletes, but many come from their peers as they walk through the hallway. 

Fitness tips can range anywhere from a healthy diet to detailed weight training. All of the tips that we hear seem to benefit us in the best ways. No one is perfect and no one has the “perfect” workout. Personally, I gain most of my knowledge from the words of others in the fitness community. I love to perfect any mistakes I make by the encouragement and reassurance of the people around me. 

Senior and avid gym goer Caroline Stevens has many good pieces of advice to help anyone who is struggling to improve their fitness. “ Just start. Don’t wait until Monday like everyone else. It is best to go for it, and once you start, it’s harder to stop,” she shares. “It feels so good to have a routine that I can stick to.” 

One great piece of advice is to discover the opportunities of fitness. As most of us know, fitness comes in so many shapes and sizes. Some people like to be stationary and doing yoga while others want to get up and go while enjoying running. There are so many forms that it’s hard to not enjoy something. The best thing you can do for yourself is take free classes to learn about all of the good things that are available to you at any given time. 

Senior Adam El-Said brings so much passion and energy into the gym. His love for staying fit and healthy is evident by his words. 

“Always remember that it’s not just about motivation; it’s about discipline. You’ll have days that you don’t feel like going, but those days will always be the days that will set you apart from the rest and make a difference. It’s best to surround yourself with people that will motivate you to take care of your health and keep going to the gym. Those friends will be the people that will help you grow and help push you to your limits,” he shares. “Have your influencers be people that go to the gym and take care of their health. From actors to Olympic athletes, there are hundreds of influencers that constantly go to the gym. Those people will help influence and educate you the most about the best ways to see results in the gym.” 

With summer vastly approaching, the possibilities for fitness become endless. Every walk you take with the sun beating down on you or every lap you swim in your pool becomes an easy, yet rewarding way of feeling good. Scientifically, in the summertime, our muscles become warmer and more elastic. This change provides us with more flexibility and less risk of injury and overtraining. 

Mind the words of these individuals and myself to create a safe space in your fitness journey. Get off social media, stay true to yourself, and stay safe in every step you take.