A simple game that can bring loads of joy


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Fans excited at a baseball game

The crack of the bat. The pop of the glove. Spring is on the rise and so is some warmer weather. After dealing with the gloomy winter, I personally am ready to get back outside and enjoy a warm breeze, but more importantly, I am ready for some baseball. 

I have loved baseball all of my life, and I will continue to do so. Whether that is playing, watching, or analyzing, I love it all. Just the sheer thought of being able to pull out my phone and see MLB scores makes me smile. Football season was great, but basketball in the winter just does not do it for me. I find myself struggling to get out of the warmth of my bed, and I find myself down in the dumps from time-to-time. But, spring is here and baseball is here! 

First, one of my favorite parts of the baseball season is driving by my old little league ballfields. While I have outgrown the place, I can not help but remember the awesome memories I had and the friends I had made. From all-star games to championships, that little league was truly a haven for little me. I enjoy seeing the kids smile as much as I once did. 

Secondly, pro baseball is back! For me, I do not care what level is playing, whether that is Single-A or MLB, baseball is baseball. Around here, we have the West Michigan Whitecaps. The High-A affiliate to the Detroit Tigers has given me loads of memories that I can fall back on. From catching a foul ball to meeting the mascots, I always had loads of fun. The atmosphere of any pro baseball game is unmatched. Peanuts and Cracker Jacks, mascot races, and lawn seats are the first things I think of when I think of LMCU Ballpark.

Finally, I can not talk about baseball without talking about Quick Pitch. Quick Pitch is a morning recap on everything MLB that happened the previous night. I remember waking up in the morning, getting ready for school, and listening to all of the plays that little me could not stay awake for. Personally, I am a Yankees fan, so I would always wait until I found out the outcome of the previous night’s game before going to the school bus. 

Money can buy people many things. One thing money can not buy are the memories and glee a simple game can bring to a person. These memories alone have taught me that the sport of baseball is priceless.