Zach Ruffer

Charlotte Stephan

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Name: Zach Ruffer
Grade: Sophomore
Sport: Boys swim and dive
How long have you been swimming?
“I first started competitive swimming for our school in 7th grade.”
Who has impacted your swimming career the most?
“I believe that my coach, Mr. Jasperse, was the one who impacted my swimming career the most. He was the one who knew what I was capable of even when I did not.”
What is your biggest goal for this season and why?
“My biggest goal for this season is to really just try my best. I feel like I have already come so far and there are many more dreams yet to come.”
What is your go-to meal before a meet?
“My go-to meal before a meet just so happens to be Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I don’t know what it is, but it works magic. “
What is your favorite memory from swimming?
“One of my favorite memories from swimming was at the conference meet of my freshman year. When I looked up at the board, I had destroyed my personal best by over 10 seconds. I’ll never forget that day.”