Reed Dixon

Charlotte Stephan

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Name: Reed Dixon

Grade: Junior

Sport: Boys swim and dive

How long have you been swimming?
“I have been swimming since I was eight years old in 2014.”
Who has influenced your swimming career the most and why?
“Coach Denis and Mr. Jaspers who are my high school coaches have influenced my swim career a ton. Also, my club team coach named Brian has also been a huge help to me as well. They all know what’s best for me so I can improve to the best of my abilities.”
What is your favorite part about being on the swim team?
“My favorite thing about the swim team is just hanging out with some of my friends during practice. I wouldn’t be motivated enough to do this sport without some of the closest friends I’ve made over the years. They just make practice feel shorter and more fun.”
What is your favorite pre-meet snack or meal?
“My favorite pre-meet snack/meal is definitely Starbucks because meets are usually after school and I need caffeine to stay awake and have a re-boost in energy after a long day of school.”
What is something that you are most proud of in your swimming career?
“I am most proud of being top three in the conference in the 100-yard back every year leading up to this year and hopefully I’ll win my junior year. I also am very proud when I won two state titles in middle school in the 100 and 200-yard free.”