Winning is becoming a habit for the Ranger hockey team


They say three is a streak, so what does that make four? Ask the Ranger hockey team, because, with the conclusion of its showcase in Chelsea, the Rangers now have four wins in a row and have high hopes for the fifth. This newfound supremacy has given the players the satisfaction they’ve been waiting all season for. “We have had more confidence in each other and the energy on the bench has increased greatly. We have been working really hard in practice and it has finally started to pay off,” sophomore threat Henry Vonk exclaimed. “The recent wins have felt very good as well, and I think it’s only up from here.”

If the two wins weren’t good enough, the score difference in the games made the weekend immaculate. The Rangers outscored their opponents 13-3 in the two games, winning 5-3 on Friday and 8-0 on Saturday with goals from Benny Mielock, Sammy Mielock, Rocco Gonzalez, John Rocco, and Gibby Grendal. The diversity of shot placements ranged from as low as the ice all the way to the upper decky. This variety and creativity behind their shots are why the offense was so dominant this past weekend. This leads to positive reflections from the infamous coach McSween.

“The team is learning how to win games,” he noted. “We are handling adversity much better, and when the games are close, we are playing as a team and making plays to win games.”

It is clear that recent adjustments have been making a difference, and all players are doing their part to keep it going. When asked who in particular is carrying the load, coach explained right away.

“Our whole team is stepping up and playing up to their ability. Our D core has really developed over the year and is playing its best hockey. Our goaltending has been really good during our win streak, and our best players have been elite.”

While the scores have suggested weak opponents, senior Colin Wojczynski suggests the team itself deserves all the credit for proving victorious against worthy opponents.

“We played great offensive games against very good goalies. Also, we’ve been very solid on defense and we’re able to kill off some big penalties.”

The common message is that the team as a whole is playing very dominantly and are on a roll. According to Hayden Tanner, the Ranger revenge tour is far from over, and this win streak isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. To back that up, coach McSween has provided the intel on what’s going to prove those statements right.

“The plan is to keep working hard and competing in practice. We need to keep improving our team defense and continue to work hard off the ice.”