Ally Werkema


Name: Ally Werkema

Grade: Senior

Sport: Skiing

How long have you been participating in this sport?

“I’ve been ski racing for four years now but I have been skiing since I was two.”

What is your favorite memory of this sport?

“My favorite memory is by far watching one of our racers last year trip over another coach’s tape measure, fall, and then get yelled at by her for like 30 minutes.”

What is your favorite part about being on the team?

“I adore the people and the coaches so much it’s like a big family.”

What’s your go-to pre-race meal?

“My go-to pre-race meal is probably fruit snacks or going to Culver’s with Christain Bethea because he adores it and practically lives there.”

What made you want to start participating in this sport?

“I honestly started racing because my siblings did it, and would always rave about how much they loved the sport, the people, and getting to ski. And after I started I loved it too much to stop.”