FHC basketball RanJRs Clinic provides a fun experience for kids and benefits the program


This year, the FHC basketball program is putting on a brand new clinic for the younger members of the FHC basketball community. The RanJRs is a basketball camp that occurs every Saturday and is run by varsity boys assistant coach Jordan George. The most remarkable aspect of this camp is that besides coach George, the camp is run entirely by high school players.

This camp is a unique opportunity that is not offered at many other places. For the kids, this gives memories for a lifetime. For a young kid who wants to play basketball in the near or distant future, there are not many people they look up to more than the varsity players.

Varsity basketball player Jonas VanderWoude, who also works the RangJRs camp, had this to say about idolizing varsity players when he was younger. “When I was a kid, I thought that varsity basketball players were the coolest people ever, and I wanted to be just like them when I grew up.”

Not only does this camp provide kids a dream come true to play with teenagers who they look up to, but it also gives them a chance to improve their basketball talents and skills. These high school basketball players were once in the shoes of their youthful counterparts, and they are the best people to instruct the young players.

Varsity basketball big man J Coe had this to share on the improvements that the JRs are making. “Every weekend they are getting better. They are remembering the drills and moves that we work on from previous weeks, and they’re excited to compete every time.” With each and every one of those noticeable improvements, the FHC basketball program expands. The future of both the FHC boys and girls basketball programs looks brighter and brighter.

This clinic does not only benefit the kids who have signed up, for it also has an immense effect on the high school players who work it. Girls varsity basketball player Maggie Kelderman commented, “The RanJRs camp has improved our team bonding because we get to coach and hang out together.” The varsity girls and boys teams have multiple instructors every Saturday, and the extra time together outside of the everyday grind of practices and games improves relationships among players. The players are enjoying working with the kids and each other. While the young camp-goers improve their skills, the high school players improve their own chemistry.

At the end of the day, the RanJRs camp benefits the FHC community in a multitude of ways and everyone is better off.