Lucy McLean


Name: Lucy McLean

Grade: Senior

Sport: Varsity Ski

How long have you been skiing? 

“I have been skiing since I was five years old and this will be my 6th year of race skiing.”

What is your favorite memory from the ski team?

“My favorite memory from ski team was probably last year when we went up to Boyne after one of our races. Some of us went night skiing and then we went to the store and bought a cake and celebrated one of the senior’s birthdays.”

What music do you listen to before meets?

“Before meets, my brother and I started a tradition by listening to colt 45 in the car on the way.”

How do you plan to improve at skiing?

“I plan to improve by practicing more than just school practices. I went out west to a camp to get better and sometimes on weekends I go up north to get a few extra runs in.”

How has being on the ski team impacted your life?

“Ski team has been my favorite extracurricular in high school. the team is so nice and welcoming and fun! I think I love it so much because of how chill everyone is and how we always are doing things other than skiing too like for example, we get food after practice usually at culvers. I’ve also met so many people on the team that I have become lifelong friends with and have had coaches that are the sweetest people (I’ll always remember them!)”