The Chicago Cubs will be NL Central Champions


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CHICAGO – OCTOBER 27: Chicago Cubs logo signage on Addison Street outside Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs baseball team in Chicago, Illinois on October 27, 2016. (Photo By Raymond Boyd/Getty Images)

The Chicago Cubs will win the NL Central this year, and there is nothing anybody can tell me to try to convince me otherwise. Many people might call me crazy, but the Cubs have opened up their checkbook and have added a variety of big-name players to the roster.

The new players being added to the Cub’s roster include Cody Bellinger, Dansby Swanson, Eric Hosmer, Trey Mancini, and Jameson Taillon. All of them are experienced players who will bring immense talent to the north side of Chicago.

I would argue that the Cubs have the best middle infield in the National League. This should not even come close to being a debate simply because of the talent in this area of the field which includes Dansby Swanson, who has won a Golden Glove award at shortstop, Nico Hoerner, who is a Gold Glove finalist at second, and Cody Bellinger, who is a Gold Glover award winner and former MVP in centerfield. Not to mention, the Cubs have a four-time Gold Glove award winner at first base with Eric Hosmer. All I can say is this team is going to be a difficult team to beat.

Not only do these players perform on the field, but they can also perform at the plate. Cody Bellinger and Eric Hosmer are both former Silver Sluggers, and Dansby Swanson and Trey Mancini both had great seasons at the plate last year. Along with most of the current Cubs, this team will also be a strong threat when it comes to putting the ball in play and sending it out of the ballpark.

Many people are saying that some of these players are washed up, and I don’t agree. Cody Bellinger is going to have a comeback season this year, for he is still young and is more than overdue for a great season. Experts are underestimating the Cubs right now, and they don’t even have them ranked in the top twenty teams for the preseason power rankings.

This upcoming Chicago Cubs team is the best roster the city has seen since 2016 when the Cubs won the World Series. Some would call me insane if I thought the Cubs were going to the World Series, and although it may seem out of the realm of a definite thing, I am not saying it’s out of the picture.

The 2023 Chicago Cubs is full of young talent, which is something no other team in the NL Central has. The biggest challenge will come from the St. Louis Cardinals. I will admit that they have a strong roster set up for this year, but I don’t think their talent is going to match the talent of the Cubs. This team is excited to get things started and prove something to all baseball fans. Mark my words: the Chicago Cubs are winning the NL Central and will punch a ticket to the 2023 playoffs.