Gabby Thompson


Name: Gabby Thompson

Grade: Sophomore

Sport: Girls JV Basketball

How long have you been playing basketball?

“I have been playing organized basketball since 7th grade. Before that, I was constantly working and trying to improve my skills.”

What is your favorite part of being on the basketball team?

“My favorite part of being on the team this year is definitely the people and skill itself. I feel super comfortable and open on my team. The team and the coaches are very welcoming and help me improve my mental and physical aspects of the sport. These things have helped my love for basketball grow so much.”

How has playing basketball impacted your life?

“Basketball is a great way for me to get all of my stress out. It’s a good escape from work and school life. I build great bonds and friendships and wouldn’t change that for the world.” 

What is your go-to meal before a game?

“My pre-game go-to meal is definitely a good Subway sandwich, or anything with tons of carbs is delicious.”