What to expect from coach Tarabek’s first season as the bowling coach


The previous season of boys and girls bowling was lackluster, to say the least. As if only winning a total of three games last season wasn’t difficult enough, the prior coach departed.

For months, the athletic department continued their search for a new bowling coach, and that was when they hit the jackpot and found veteran bowling coach, Jerry Tarabek. Having thirty-five years of bowling experience, Tarabek coached youth bowlers in Detroit in the 80s and 90s before becoming the head coach of the Warren Mott bowling team from 1999 to 2004.

Needing someone who has coaching experience, this was a no-brainer hire for a bowling team that struggled mightily the previous season. Under new leadership, coach Tarabek will now coach the entire bowling program.

I joined the teams on a recent trip to the Eastbrook Lanes Bowling Alley where they practice. When asked if he has more faith in Tarabek than the previous coach, junior Owen Milanowski stated, “Yes, I do. He’s teaching me many things that the previous coach never did.”

Milanowski is one of many players who are returning for another go-around. There are also many players who are joining for their first season ever, including junior Zackary Race.

Before trying out for the team, Race’s bowling experience was limited to going bowling approximately once or twice a year. He also believes that Tarabek is teaching some important bowling skills that will improve his rolls on the lanes just like Milanowski. It is quite evident to Zackary and the other bowlers that Tarabek watches all of his players attentively. Whenever he notices something wrong with someone’s form, he’ll show him or her a better technique in a particular situation that’ll hopefully improve his or her shot in order to attain instant success.

Despite their previous disappointments, many bowlers are optimistic about this season and many of them feel as though their new coach will do amazing things. Although Tarabek may have a challenge ahead of him, it is with all confidence from myself, FHC, and the bowling team that he is the man for the job.