What exactly is Sports Report?


Of course, you are sitting on our website right now, so you have to know a little bit about us. Well, how about we learn more? The Forest Hills Central Sports Report is an extremely important organization that uses our very own website and other forms of social media such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to inform the community about all things sports here at FHC. With website views averaging 800-1000 a day, we have readers from all over the school, city, state, and country utilizing our articles for information. 

“Sports Report is a very helpful tool. If I’m not able to attend a game, I can check Twitter for live reports, or I can check back the next couple days and get a run through of the game(s) ,” senior Mackenzie Roy shares. “The website is amazing and well organized and makes it easy to read about sports and students who have achieved greatness in their sports.” 

Even though we have so many great ways for obtaining information on sports here at FHC, such as talking to players or anything from FX (school news) that is broadcasted, the Sports Report website is a place you can go to get all of the information at one time. With reporters/journalists covering a multitude of games at a time ranging from freshman sports all the way up to varsity, it is easy to be kept up to date and to remain informed. 

Senior Adam El-Said agrees with Mackenzie that Sports Report is a great place to access information. “The Sports Report crew is always on top of things, making sure to report scores and stats right away as well as any big news in regards to our school sports,” Adam shares. 

Aside from reporting about sports, the crew of journalists provide editorials/columns and features related to FHC sports and beyond in order to gain views and provide insight for people domestic and abroad. 

Columns/Editorials are a great way to share personal views and use ethical/opinionated material to comment on specific topics in sports. Although the columns and editorials can sometimes strike a nerve with readers who may not agree with the published material, these pieces allow for the Sports Report journalists to voice their opinions and write continuous, week-by-week articles. 

Anthony Sultini, teacher/advisor/managing editor of Sports Report, favors the editorials when it comes to the different genres of articles that are published by his talented journalists. “When you look into the passion of what our journalists put their time and effort into, it normally goes into the columns and editorials. Our journalists have a lot of opinions, and when you see those on a computer screen or on paper, it really is amazing,” he shares. 

In addition to game recaps and columns/editorials, the journalists write features. A feature is the type of article that you are reading right now. A feature typically highlights something specific about our sports teams, athletics department, or school that the journalists want more people to know about. Features will include opinion, but more so they are supported by logic/fact in order to inform. Common topics spotlight certain players, coaches, staff members, sports, or anyone around FHC that plays a part in our athletics. In the past couple weeks, features have been centered around the soon starting winter sports and new coaches that come with them. 

Even though most of the reporters favor editorials like Mr. Sultini does, features are a tremendous part of the class that writers and readers alike cannot ignore. “I don’t mind writing features. I think it is a good break from covering regular sports, and they let me branch out to things that personally interest me,” two-year Sports Report journalist Riley Koehler shares. “They can be hard to write, but once you have an idea and good interviews put together, the process becomes easy. 

In addition to the writing, Sports Report also entertains its student body and community by producing its very own version of ESPN GameDay prior to selected football and basketball games during the fall and winter sports seasons. Near the conclusion of the spring sports season, the crew produces The FHC Sports Report Awards, which mimics the ESPN ESPY Awards. These major events are a fixture to the class and are considered just as important as the daily writing.

All-in-all, it was widely expressed by many that Sports Report is a great way to gain information and insight on all things sports. Be sure to follow along for winter sports in the upcoming weeks and support your athletes and journalists.