New addition to FHC: The Ranger Zone

    As mid-October rolls around and homecoming is here, there is a new addition to the community of FHC: The Ranger Zone. In the past, spirit gear has been a difficult thing to come by because websites are unreliable and there are massive backorders that delay shipping. Well, does FHC have a solution for you!

    The Ranger Zone is a student-led store that provides a place for Ranger students and staff to purchase Ranger spirit gear and other items. From windbreakers to sweatshirts, hats to fleece blankets, The Ranger Zone has you covered. The store also supplies school needs such as folders, poster board, notebooks, pencils, and pencil lead. All of the spirit wear has a wide range of sizes and brands such as Nike, Champion, and other other brands.

    The Ranger Zone brings spirit wear into FHC’s own backyard so to speak. In the past, the only way students could find school spirit wear was to get it online from BSN Sports and wait a month or two, or find it at a local Meijer only a few months out of the year. Junior student Matthew Taylor confessed, “It was hard. One, because of COVID-19, spirit wear took a long time to get to us because of supply issues and whatnot. Two, you had to order online through BSN Sports and you had to make sure your size was right and everything. If something was wrong, then you had to go through lengthy return policies. It wasn’t worth it.” 

    When the idea for The Ranger Zone was presented, Peyton Price was all in. “I think it will make shopping for spirit wear so much easier,” said Peyton. “I think it will bring the student body together. We will also reap the benefits of some cool clothing.” The Ranger Zone not only provides apparel and such to the student body and staff, but it also provides students an opportunity to learn. The store belongs to the Advanced Marketing class. Marketing teaches students how to conduct and interact with business in real world situations and The Ranger Zone is just that. 

    The impact that The Ranger Zone and spirit wear can bring to FHC is more than just a shop; it’s a symbol that shows the outside community that FHC is a united family that happens to wear a green and white emblem together. One logo brings together our student body. This unity be something that we get for free, but sorry everybody, the gear at The Ranger Zone is not free. 

    As homecoming festivities wrap up and playoffs begin for the sports teams of FHC, students will want to be looking their best. Go to The Ranger Zone to get outfitted with some snazzy apparel and accessories!