To FHC Sports Report – past, present, and future


Last year, I was gifted with a choice. That choice was to switch from The Central Trend (TCT) to FHC Sports Report. The change was weird at first but easy to adjust to. It was a new type of journalism for a kid who had only been through one semester of TCT. 

My new editors-in-chief, class of 2022 graduates Thomas Cobb, Tate Greer, and Adam Hop, were more than welcoming. I only joined at first to gain some experience in all departments of journalism. I never expected to find a newfound family through this group. 

The class began for me with an introduction to the editors-in-chief and our current advisor, Anthony Sultini. I hadn’t been too familiar with the seniors at the time, so I sat next to the only two juniors, Riley Koehler and Serena Thiede. Little had I known, only us three and Sultini would be left to keep the flame of FHC Sports Report burning after the seniors’ graduation. 

Thank you to Thomas for believing in me and my writing. I never saw myself as fit for the editor-in-chief role, but you thought otherwise. It was that push of yours that assisted me in finding my love for writing and wanting to spread that same love to future writers.

Thank you to Tate for showing me not to take life too seriously. Even as an editor-in-chief, you were always so relaxed. You enjoyed your life and laughed a lot while still putting much of your time into the class you loved. 

Thank you to Adam, although you were enrolled in an independent study program that semester, I appreciated your comments to me through the passing time in the halls. Whether that was complimenting a story of mine or even just asking how the class was running, it meant more to me than you know. 

However, the class couldn’t be run by the lone efforts and leadership of these three, just as I can’t run FHC Sports Report solely. The other seniors at the time consisted of Mac Boike, Noah Moore, Ian Goodman, Joe Murdock, and Pierson VanGorp. Everyone had personalities that differed, but the chemistry flowed well. Even when Mac would push Sultini to his breaking point, there was still a sense of family between everyone. 

The class was still not complete.  At the time, the journalists that remained after the seniors departed consisted of myself (junior), Serena (junior), Riley (junior),  Teague Greer (sophomore). It took each and every one of us to pull off the stunts we did. From Top Fives to the FHC Sports Report Award Show, we had challenges but always overcame them. It was tough to say goodbye to the seniors, but I still keep in touch with some of them. While I may fill the role of editor-in-chief now, I could never replace the mark the senior staff left on this class. 

Thank you to last year’s class. Thanks to your efforts, the future of FHC Sports Report is looking bright. We carry on the legacies of the past class but create new memories and bonds into the new year. Thank you class of 2022 for preparing me for a phenomenal year, and thank you to everyone who has joined the class this year. I am so honored to be a part of this family with all of you. Even after I leave next year, I know the class is in exceptional hands. Thank you FHC Sports Report, past, present, and future.