The Ranger volleyball team brings home the gold


The Rangers secured yet another tournament win; this weekend, the ladies dominated the competition, taking home yet another tournament trophy. This weekend’s competition was no simple task; Holland Christian, Unity Christian, Montague, Grandville, South Christian, and Coopersville are not easy opponents.

“We played really well,” said senior captain Sarah Dunn. “We struggled in the first game of the day but continued to improve and focus on the goal. Throughout the day we played as a team and our chemistry improved. In the finals, we started off slow but we’re able to get it together and win the championship.”

As Sarah credited in her statement, the team’s chemistry shined this weekend. The team’s bond has grown so much since the beginning of the season. Looking back at the Battle of the Hills match, the Ranger team we saw that day has completely changed. The ladies are truly playing as one.

As some may recall, the team’s chemistry was the major difference in the Battle of the Hills match against Forest Hills Northern. It was the difference between victory and defeat for the Rangers. This game is going to be different, with a now well-experienced team, the ladies are ready to go into the last game of their regular season and finish strong.

“We’re putting in a lot of work at practice and watching a lot of their film.” senior Ally Werkema quoted.

This Thursday, the matchup between the Rangers and the Huskies is going to be electric. The postseason doesn’t matter right now, what matters is beating Northern. This is the ladies’ night to shake up their backyard rivals, this is their chance to prove who owns Forest Hills. The ladies are ready for six p.m. this Thursday in their home court. If the Huskies think they’re going to easily take care of the Rangers, they’re in for a rude awakening.