Injuries plague the Detroit Lions as they sit at a 1-4 record


    The Detroit Lions are currently 1-4. Sitting in last place in the NFC North division and second to last in the entire NFC, this team has an abundance of work to do.

    Despite the offense scoring 140 points, which is 2nd in the entire NFL behind the Buffalo Bills, the defense has been beyond atrocious, giving up 170 points which is leading the league.

    Every player that can be considered good on offense and defense is on IR, or injured reserve, and thus cannot play the game.

    And the team’s performance has completely collapsed on the field as the result.

    Before getting shut out by the Patriots on Sunday, the Lions had statistically the best offense in the league. With St. Brown, Swift, and Williams out, the offense was able to do absolutely nothing against the dominant Patriots defense, and with the worst defense in the entire league, there was no way that the team would be able to defend against teams like the Seahawks and the Eagles.

    It seems like the Lions are crashing and burning like they’ve done for every season for a very long time. One could say that they are the “same old Lions”. Or are they?

    As mentioned before, the Lions’ performance is impacted by injuries, many of their good players are on IR which forces the team to put the backups, and even third-stringers, on the field. Once the starters are fully healed and are ready to get back into the game, they will hopefully make a much needed positive impact.

    While head coach Dan Campbell is certainly frustrated with all of the criticism and negativity surrounding his football team, the injuries are not his fault, and his players are willing to run through a wall for him.

    Coming off of their week 6 bye, the Lions will face the Dallas Cowboys who also face many injuries going into this game. Will it be a battle of attrition or just another heartbreaking defeat by a weakened group?