FHC golf puts up a show at Boulder Creek


39 and 39. These are Maya’s and Skyler’s scores. They were part of a three-way tie for 2nd place individually after playing two amazing rounds. This shows fans the on-the-course aspect of why they’re great captains.

“Today was, yet again, a challenging match because of the cold weather but I’m really proud of how I played,” Maya noted. “I had control over all my shots and I truly enjoyed being on the course today! I’m also proud of how our team finished and fought through the harsh conditions today!”

It was a great round for the team as well. They didn’t quite make 1st place, but they were very close. They were only two strokes behind FHN, who was two strokes behind EGR. While the community rather see FHC on top, no one can be upset with the team after a match like that. This match is a clear sign that the girls have been taking note of how they can lower their scores and compete with the best. It also proves that they have properly adjusted to harsh conditions that have become all too common.

Hall of Fame coach Paul TenEyck exclaimed, “I am really pleased with the way we played today. The weather conditions were challenging again, as it was extremely cold today. Skyler and Maya had great rounds to lead the team.”

Coach TenEyck has done a great job motivating his team. Everyone wants to compete, and the coach has helped make it happen. FHC is very lucky to have a coach as dedicated as he is to helping our girls play at the top of their game.

The girls play at 7:45 a.m. on Friday at the conference tournament.