The Lady Ranger golfers fall in the middle of the scorecard in multiple matches last week.


The third week of September was a rough patch for the girls varsity golf team. They played in two OK White jamborees during the week, Wednesday at Railside Golf Club and Thursday at Kent Country Club, when the team came in third and fourth in the two days.

Railside Golf Club hosted Northview, Greenville, Grand Rapids Christian, Forest Hills Central, Forest Hills Northern, and Byron Center. That was also the placement order, Byron Center once again coming out on top, but not by much; FHC fell one stroke behind FHN, who lost only three behind Byron Center.

Junior Skyler Tierney stated, “Railside was a challenging course but very fun and pushed my mental game; I had to put a lot of thought into each shot.”

While she said it was a challenge, she still led the team with a 39 on nine holes. Unfortunately, she was way ahead of the other golfers on her team, leaving them in third place.

The next day was a much smaller spread; the top three golfers had scores within four strokes. The problem was that they weren’t the scores the players were used to, and the team couldn’t make the top three.

“It was a weird setup, only playing eight holes,” Skyler noted. “It was a really fun course, and it was playing very short, but the weather was our biggest challenge.”

Weather can be the biggest factor in playing a good or bad round of golf. Wind can push the ball away from the target or keep it from going as far, a wet ball can reduce the backspin on a shot, and cold air can keep it from traveling as far. It’s a challenging position to be in, so all players can do is adjust and try to play with the conditions.

The Rangers have a long, three-match week, playing on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.