Past, present, and future: the colors of FHC

Past, present, and future: the colors of FHC

Green and white have always been the signature colors of Ranger country. Whether you are watching the football team on a Friday night or a basketball game in the gym, you will always see our teams representing green and white. This was not always the case and may not be the only colors we will have in the future.

Many students take pride in the colors they wear whether it be on the court, rink, or field. Our colors don’t just represent our school, but also what our school is.

“When I see our school colors, I don’t just see green and white, I see who we are as a school,”  senior Matthew Holtgreive said. “When I see our colors, I think of our community and how we are ‘Ranger strong’, which has meant a lot to me through my days in high school.”

Our school has an extensive history full of success and excellence. Throughout our many state championships and conference titles, Ranger teams have always used the classic green and white. To complement this, the Ranger teams used to use the color yellow. This was displayed in the hallways, on jerseys, and even on letterman jackets.

Former athletic director Clark Udell recalled the Ranger’s past saying, “The colors are part of Ranger identity. Green and white represent FHC. They have always been green and white, even when FHC was FH High School(before FHN and FHE), and in the 90s there was some yellow accent.”

With the Ranger logo having a recent change, the idea of a new color being added to the mix has been rumored. Nothing can replace the classic Ranger green and white, but there may be a color that can be used in addition to our tradition. In the future, the color black could make its way onto the various jerseys of FHC. The athletes of FHC have been raised in Ranger green and white. A change of color may seem like treason but in reality, it is just a new way of showing their Ranger pride.

Students such as junior Elana Kavanagh have grown up in the district, born in green and white, but she, like many others, is very fond of the concept.

Elana voiced her opinion by saying, “I like the idea of using black on jerseys because I think it makes our jerseys look cool and it compliments the green and white nicely.”

The past, present, and future are full of success and victory for FHC. The legacy of the school lives in its colors whether that be green, white, yellow, or black. These colors mean so much to this community and will forever represent Ranger country.

Current athletic director Jonathan Goei shared his thoughts saying, “The colors of FHC are a point of pride and distinction. They are something that our students and community can galvanize around. So, to that end, they are an extremely important part of our program, community, and culture here at FHC.”

No matter the future colors of FHC, the school will strive for greatness nonetheless.