Does Titleist deserve to have a monopoly over the golf ball market?

Does Titleist deserve to have a monopoly over the golf ball market?

Listed at $50 per dozen, the Titleist Pro V1 golf ball is one of the sport’s top three most expensive and most sought after. Any casual golfer will always chase after a Pro V1 if they see it in the woods. The million-dollar question is why? 

The Pro V1 is designed to have a fast, high flight and sharp downward trajectory. The soft feel and effective spin control will help a golfer be as precise as possible. The way the ball’s core was engineered creates a reduced amount of spin, which limits the amount of hook or slice from a drive. 60% of golfers slice the ball, which means the Pro V1 is an excellent choice for many golfers. A very comparable ball to the Pro V1 is the Callaway Chrome Soft, which is naturally supposed to give golfers immense forgiveness and a soft feeling. However, it still isn’t anywhere close to the greatness of Titleist’s prize ball in the eyes of most golfers. 

The phrase “feel good, play good” is, in my opinion, a very true statement. The most significant benefit of the Pro V1 is the mental boost you get when using it. Since it’s known as the best ball out there, you’re going to feel a heightened amount of confidence within yourself when hitting it, which most of the time will increase your chance at a much better shot. The only counter to that is worrying about losing the costly ball. The unfortunate fact is that if you’re worried about hitting the ball poorly while swinging, there’s a good chance that thought will become a reality. The best way to hit a ball well is to envision yourself hitting it well. 

The short game must be exact for professional golfers, which is why the Pro V1 is the best choice. Justin Thomas, a PGA Tour champion, uses the Pro V1 because of the angle of descent and the way the ball drops and stops on the green. A low angle of descent can cause the ball to roll past the hole and to the back of the green, and an angle of descent that is too high can make the ball roll back to the front of the green due to all the backspin. 

Regarding golf balls, Titleist is the true Monopoly Man, and the Pro V1 will continue to bring the rain to the golf course.