Rachel Marco

Rachel Marco

Name: Rachel Marco

Grade: Senior

Sport: Varsity track and field

What inspired you to start running track?

“I wanted to join the track team because I wanted to form new relationships through something I love.”

Do you look up to any professional athletes?

“I really look up to Molly Seidel because she has addressed the mental health side of running and because of that, was able to change what running meant to her.”

Do you plan to continue running in college?

“I don’t plan on running competitively in college but I want to continue to run and do some road races.”

What’s your favorite memory from the track team?

“My favorite memory from the track team was probably making it to state in the 4-by-800 my junior year. It was a wicked hot day and I was super nervous but I was able to run a really fast time. It taught me that the feeling of being proud of myself is worth the pain of racing hard.”

How have you been preparing for states this year?

“At the end of November, I had surgery for compartment syndrome so that put a halt to my training. I’m finally able to run and race again so for now I’m just building my mileage base and making sure I get quality workouts in. To prepare for the end of the season I’ve just been practicing patience. I know my times aren’t where they usually are but I know that my hard work and dedication will eventually get me there.”