Mac Boike


Name: Mac Boike

Grade: Senior

Sport: Boys varsity lacrosse

Position: Goalie

How long have you played lacrosse?

“I started playing lacrosse back in sixth grade. At that time, I was still playing baseball, but the next year I quit and started playing lacrosse full time. I started playing club in the summer of the next year, and I have stuck with lax every since.”

How have you transitioned into a leadership role as a senior?

“This year, we are one whole team instead of being split between JV and varsity. Now, there are a lot of sophomores and juniors getting their first varsity experience, and they have not learned the defense yet. So, as a goalie, it is my job to help install our schemes into the memory and be the head communicator on the field.”

What’s your favorite thing about being a goalie?

“When someone gets a fast break and shoots an easy one right at me and I make the save, that is the best feeling ever. Also, when I get to clear the ball and when the offense spreads out to cover my defense and I get to read the field like a quarterback.”

Do you have a favorite FHC lacrosse memory?

“Every game as goalies, we look to get a shutout. In my first year at FHC, it was just me and Charley Mehney. Mehney and I were able to get a few shutouts together, but it was my junior year when Crandall Quinn got added into the mix when things got interesting. Having three goalies made it a lot more difficult because not every game we got in, but it was the best when we could all achieve a shutout together.”

What’s your favorite pump-up song?

“About every two to three weeks I switch up my favorite pump-up song. I have never had a stuck favorite; I always just transition between whatever I am currently listening to the most. The best method for getting in your best mental place is two songs to get you in your feels, one song to hype you up, and two heavy rap songs.”