Gabrielle Thompson


Name: Gabrielle Thompson

Grade: Freshman

Position: Outfield

Sport: Softball

How do you feel you have improved from this year compared to last year?

“I feel I’ve improved in my mindset of being more confident when out on the field; hitting was always a challenge since I went up there with the mindset I was gonna strikeout every time. Now I give myself a little more of a boost and help myself out by encouraging myself more.”

When and why did you start playing softball?

 “I played baseball last year and now I have switched to softball because I felt it was better for myself. I physically can’t compete with the boys as much as I wish I could. That doesn’t stop me from pushing as much as I can on the softball field and trying to be the best player I can be.”

What is one message you took from the graduating class last year?

“I didn’t talk to the graduating class much, but I know they always wanted everyone to try their hardest and put forth the best effort they could. They wanted us to encourage each other and help one another become better athletes.”

What are your expectations for the rest of the season? 

“I’m expecting to learn more about myself and my athletic ability, especially with softball. softball is a new experience for me, so I have a lot to work on and discover. I’m not expecting to win every game, but I am expecting to grow as an athlete.”

What is the go-to hype song before a game/double-header?

“I’d say my go-to hype song is astir fry or anything that brings high energy. I have a specific playlist for warm-ups.”