Evan Boucher


Name: Evan Boucher

Grade: Senior

Sport: Varsity track and field

How have you been preparing for the upcoming season?

“I have been preparing for the season by sprinting every day, occasionally lifting, and stretching a lot to prevent injuries.”

How do you feel about the team’s upcoming meet?

“Our upcoming team is very young but we have been running very hard to gain experience and doing what we can to compete with other teams.”

What would you say is the team’s biggest strength?

“The team’s biggest strength is our experience with the seniors. It allows us to help the younger athletes out.”

How would you say the team chemistry is so far?

“The team chemistry right now is fifty-fifty because a lot of new runners are joining us and they don’t all know the right form and hand-off techniques for relays.”

What goals do you have for the team?

“Our only goal right now is to get our underclassmen experienced quickly so we can compete for regionals and states.”