Emmalyn Holmquist


Name: Emmalyn Holmquist

Grade: Senior

Sport: Ski

How has the varsity ski season impacted your senior year?

“I feel like it was really nice to be involved in something my senior year, especially after the pandemic. I wasn’t expecting to make many new friendships being a senior but I bonded with a lot of the skiers and underclassmen.”

What made you decide to join the ski team?

“I joined my junior year and had never skied before. I wanted to try something new and my friends pressured me into joining but I’m really glad they did. My experience since joining has only been positive, and I always wanted to learn how to ski.”

What’s your favorite ski memory?

“My favorite ski memory was when a bunch of us got invited to Caberfae, and afterward, most of us went to Boyne Highlands for a ski weekend. We went out to eat, night skiing, and did some fake races. It was a lot of fun!”

How would you describe the team and the team’s environment?

“The team environment is super laid back. I’m really glad I joined because all of the coaches are really experienced skiers, and some of them are also really knowledgeable. It was really a great way to learn how to ski without a lot of pressure, and the coaches just want you to have fun. Everyone on the team also comes from different backgrounds so you get to meet a lot of people I feel like you normally wouldn’t get the opportunity to meet.”

What skills/values have the ski team taught you?

“Besides obviously teaching me how to ski, I learned about the value of persistence and, most importantly, being able to laugh when I fall and get back up as well as not taking each fall too seriously.”