Seder Middaugh


Name: Seder Middaugh 

Grade: Freshman

Sport: Boys freshman basketball

Position: PF/C

When was the first time you played basketball and why did you start playing?

“The first time I started playing basketball was when I was 5 years old. The reason I started playing was that my parents told me that I should try it and signed me up.”

How does basketball differ from football?

“Basketball differs from football because the communication between your teammates is far more in basketball. In basketball, you need to be very versatile on defense, offense, rebounding, and communication. 

Define what Rangerball means to you?

“Rangerball means hard, tough basketball, and if you can learn how to play it right, it is one of the most dominant ways to play basketball.”

What is your end goal for your team?

“The end goal for my team is to win every game and finish 18-2 on the season.”

What skill do you think you are the best at when it comes to basketball?

“A skill that I think that I am the best at when it comes to me is on the defensive side of the ball.”