Joe Seurynck


Name: Joe Seurynck

Sport: Boys varsity basketball

Position: Forward

How would you describe your senior year so far?

“This year has definitely been a great one. I have made so many great memories and have gotten to know some of the other guys better. With us having to play through COVID last year, it is nice to have a regular season.”

In what areas do you feel you contribute the most to the varsity basketball team?

“I feel that I bring a big defensive presence when I am on the court. Even though I am not the fastest or most athletic guy on the court, my positioning around the basketball puts me in spots to be successful. I also think that rebounding and setting screens are also things that I contribute to the team.”

Do you have any game-day superstitions?

“One of the biggest superstitions I have is that I have to have a Nesquik chocolate milk before every game. This is a necessity that I have to have before the game or else I feel off before the game.”

Do you play any other sports at FHC?

“Yes, I also play baseball for FHC. I have played baseball since I was nine years old and it has been a major part of my life ever since. I am looking forward to this season and ending off my high school career strong.”

What are some hopes you have for the remainder of the season?

“One of my biggest hopes for this season is to win districts. I also hope to keep making an impact on the team on and off the court. Other than that, I am just hoping to enjoy the rest of the season with the other guys on the team.”