Brendan Cargill


Brendan Cargill

Grade: Freshman

Sport: Freshman boys basketball 

Position: Point guard

How has the season gone so far?

“The season has gone great; we have gotten better every day as the season has progressed. Our record is 9-2 and we’re only improving.”

Who has influenced your career the most? Why?

“Chris Paul has influenced me the most. I try to make my game similar to his. He is a crafty guard who can make big plays and some of the moves that I do come from him.”

What are you looking forward to the most in your Rangerball career?

“Getting better every day and winning as many games as possible.”

Define what Rangerball means to you?

“To me, Rangerball stands for a team full of guys willing to do what it takes to succeed.”

What is your end goal for your team as the end of the season approaches?

“The end goal for our team is to win out and hopefully win the conference.”