Ty Hallock teaches that football is more than just a game

Ty Hallock teaches that football is more than just a game

Coach, father, and teammate Ty Hallock is a jack of all trades, playing in the NFL for eight years as a fullback, tight end, and linebacker. Leading up to his NFL career, Hallock played at Michigan State University and was named to the 1992 All-Big Ten Conference team after 144 tackles. 

After a successful career playing for the Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Chicago Bears, Hallock moved back to Michigan to start a family. After having three children, all of whom followed his Spartan legacy, he decided to change FHC’s football program for the better.

Hallock joined the Ranger staff in 2013, right around the time that Tim Rogers took the position of head coach. At the time, Ranger football had a less than impressive record and was overlooked as just another football program. Just eight years later, though, Hallock’s JV team finished 9-1 and was known as one of the best teams in the conference. 

Through it all, Hallock’s key to success is making football a game of life. 

“I was able to teach the players the football stuff, which I knew, but the most important part was trying to figure out how to leverage that platform which gives every kid that is involved and participating a sense of interdependence,” Hallock said. “You can certainly participate and accel to a certain point by yourself, but you also then rely on understanding that other people’s unique talents and abilities can help you as well along that process.” 

Football is a team sport, and Hallock’s philosophy is exactly what FHC needed to swing the momentum. Every year that Hallock coached the JV team, it began to improve its record. Not only that, but its athletes began to perform better in the varsity environment.

His revitalizing methods changed the team’s culture in a way that shaped the young men his players would become. Hallock taught his players to appreciate every opportunity received but also to take advantage of it. Hard work was another foundation that he instilled in his program, often quoting Aristotle.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Many players from the team can attest to Hallock’s methods and live by his messages today.

“Coach Hallock reignited my love for football. Going into freshman year, I was unsure if I still wanted to play football, but coach reminded me why I loved it so much in the first place,” senior captain Jack McNamara said. “The way he goes about the sport is so unique. He taught me how football is more than just a game. His coaching style taught me life lessons I carry with me to this day.”  

The most significant separation he has from typical high school coaches is the personal connections Hallock has made. He often sacrifices designated film time to talk to his players and get to know them. These sessions include a motivational video and some form of discussion with the players.

Every team member has coach Hallock’s phone number in case they need to contact him. This is an invitation for football and non-football-related situations just so his players know they have someone there for them. He related this to his days in the NFL.

“There were people that I connected with that inspired me to want to do and share as they did with me to try to make me not only a better athlete, but a better person.”

After eight years of successful coaching, Ty Hallock retired in 2021. Despite this, he isn’t done with FHC. He still is present at every varsity game, assisting his past coworkers in helping bring the Rangers to a victory. Hallock’s revolutionary coaching methods have led FHC to the top and set the standard for every athlete on and off the field.