Lucas For’s dedication to football is nothing short of impressive


For the past five years, sophomore Lucas Fors has taken up a passion for football that has led to his on-field success. Heading into his final two years for FHC, he could very well be a leader on the Ranger d-line.

Lucas began playing football back in 6th grade. He had always loved watching the sport, and he thought it was about time to try it out finally. 

“I started playing football in 6th grade. I loved watching football when I was a little guy and wanted to try it out, and since then, I have loved it.”

After finding his encouragement to try football out, he has never looked back and has been grinding out every day since to try and be the best player he can be.

For Lucas, however, football is the only sport close to his heart. So during the spring, Lucas shades away from the football field and participates in rowing for the crew team. It is his second year on the team now, and after only one season, he has already found a passion for the sport.

“I started rowing freshman year, and my brother did it, and I wasn’t in any spring sports, so I thought I would give it a try, and it’s been fun.”

While it was at first just a fun way to spend time during spring, rowing has become a favorite sport of his, and he looks forward to a great season this coming spring.

As a dual-sport athlete, one sport in the fall, and one in the spring, Lucas has to plan his busy athletic schedule accordingly, staying up to date with his sports, his athletic training, and of course, his schooling.

“I just try to finish my school work in school and before practices and just really try to get everything done promptly.”

Ever since Lucas began playing football, he has begun focusing more and more on his training. Outside of school and his sports, he can be found lifting weights and working out to try to better himself on and off the field.

“I weight lift five days a week and eat healthily. I work on my academics and just try to balance my life between all of my hobbies and activities.”

When asking Lucas about his training, he mentioned that he has trained in the past with D1 Grand Rapids, and last year Lucas was named Scholastic Athlete of the Month in March. Different coaches were asked about his work ethic, and it was nothing but top remarks.

“Every time he comes in to train at D1, he comes with the sole intention to get a little better each day,” one of the D1 training coaches said.

Other than the D1 training coaches, Lucas’s coaches on the football field and on his crew team are all impressed with Lucas.

“I would say they would think I’ve made good progress and have worked hard to achieve where I am right now and that I’m still working hard and trying every day to get better,” says Lucas about how he thinks his coaches see his progress over the years.

The big question for Lucas is what to do after high school. Looking forward, after high school, Lucas has one main sport on his mind to continue in college.

“My goal is to play football in college, and I’m working hard to achieve it, and I could see myself playing at some level of college football.”

After looking at even the surface of Lucas’s dedication to the sport and his overall conditioning, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind whether he deserves to play football at the next level. If he continues to prove himself on and off the field, he definitely has a future ahead of him under Friday night lights.