How playing three sports helps Alex Korff develop as an athlete


Tri-sport athletes at FHC aren’t a rare breed, but they are one that flies under the radar. Sophomore Alex Korff plays three sports, all of which are arguably some of the most physically-demanding high school sports.

Dating all the way back to the second grade, Alex Korff has been an avid participant in the FHC wrestling program. He originally began wrestling with his older brother. They both agreed to wrestle together because they both wanted to be able to defend themselves. Around eight years later, Alex has stuck with wrestling all the way.

“Wrestling helps me with cardio and my technique for other sports also, not just wrestling,” Alex said.

Alex’s second sport is football. He began playing football during his freshman year. Now, after finishing his second year of football, he has definitely found his place on the team and will undoubtedly be continuing into senior year.

“I was offered to play football after coach [Greg] Hudkins spoke with me after a wrestling meet.”

And finally, Alex’s third sport is rugby. Starting rugby during his freshman year, Alex simply wanted a spring sport. Because of this, why not pick up a fun sport that could help him on the football field and wrestling mat too?

“Rugby helps with my speed, handling, and other important aspects of ball skills.”

Playing these three specific sports is interesting because they go hand-in-hand in some aspects. While each is similar in some ways, Alex still has priorities when it comes to his sports.

Wrestling is Alex’s number one priority because he has been playing it the longest, and in his opinion, he is best at wrestling. However, football is still a high priority for Alex. He has made definite progress in football and will no doubt be receiving more playing time as he continues to progress and grow.

Having each sport somewhat similar is also an advantage. Alex is able to constantly grow and progress his strength and skill throughout the year. Football helps Alex with physical and mental toughness.

“Football helps me take hits.”

Wrestling helps Alex with cardio, endurance, and technique. And finally, rugby helps Alex with speed, stamina, ball handling, and much more athletic aspects of the game.

Altogether, the way these sports help Alex grow will no doubt put him above the competition for his remaining years at FHC, whether it be wrestling, football, or rugby.

Juggling three sports can’t always be easy, but Alex still finds a way to do well in school, excel at his three sports, and work a job at Culver’s. He plays football in the fall, wrestling in the winter, and rugby in the spring, and by doing so, he constantly stays active.

As Alex continues through high school, no one knows for sure if he will continue with three sports or just focus on two, but what is certain is that what he is choosing to do now with sports will help him in the long run in whatever he chooses to do.