Junior Ryan Guthrie finds his passion on the football field and on the water


Whether he is on the football field or catching fish, junior Ryan Guthrie is always a bright character. From snatching steelhead to pancaking defenders on the offensive line, he brings his blue-collar work ethic anywhere he goes.

“I get a great mixture of mental toughness and peace from both [football and fishing],” Ryan said. “The fair balance between both is a great way to spend my time.”

Since freshman year, football has always been a significant part of Ryan’s life; the thrill and tough battles in the trenches make him love the sport more each day. Along with this, a lot of his friends–fellow juniors Travis Bolt, Evan Lubben, and Colin Wojiknski–have all contributed to Ryan’s fun playing the sport that requires a lot of mental and physical strength.

On the river, it’s a whole different story from the bright lights of the turf at FHC. Ryan loves to fish, especially with his friends. Whether it’s early spring or a cold, fall morning, Ryan relishes the excitement when he feels the bite within the riverbed.

The success that Ryan has had on the field is enormous. During his freshman and JV seasons, Ryan started on the offensive line in both. In these years, Ryan saw major team success; FHC had a combined record of 11-2-1. With Ryan playing a big role in the run and pass game and protecting quarterback Justin Osterhouse and running backs Rowan Clay and JT Hartman, this prosperity seems to be justified. 

During the first years of his high school career, Ryan found his love for fishing. When football was at its toughest points during the season, Ryan would resort to the rod and line. With a lot of his time outside of school spent on the water, Ryan gained a lot of experience with fishing and fell in love with it. 

“Fishing just got me outside more,” Ryan said. “Catching a big catfish or a trout on a fly is a great way to spend time and it’s very enjoyable.”

Whether it’s with a couple of his friends or by himself, fishing is always a great way to enjoy the outdoors for Ryan. On the football field, he loves the way the team comes together and the way he spends a lot of time with some of his closest friends.

“With football, it keeps me motivated,” Ryan said. “With fishing, it keeps me outside for long periods of time. It gets my mind off of everything else besides keeping a tight line and waiting for that fish to bite.”