Senior Grace Hudkins consistently showcases what it means to be an FHC Ranger


Involved in many school activities and sports, Grace Hudkins never fails to embody the true meaning of a Ranger.

As a new student freshman year, Grace had to put herself out there to make new friends. She quickly got involved in many things: volleyball, the improv team, theatre, and united prayer. Being involved in these activities–along with her outgoing personality–gave Grace no problem fitting in right away. 

Proving herself as a freshman on the volleyball team was tricky for Grace. While not playing at FHC in middle school, Grace had no exposure to the coaches at the next level. Nevertheless, making the JV team in her freshman year was quite an accomplishment. 

“When I transferred to a new school, I had to prove myself,” Grace stated. “Pushing myself to the max was crucial in order to do so and I’m where I am today because of it.”

Now, in Grace’s senior year, she is a captain of the volleyball team. Recognized by her teammates and coaches as a leader, she has helped the volleyball team through a successful season. The team lost some big-name seniors last year; her fellow teammates needed some fresh leaders to step into the roles they were missing, and she has done just that. 

Grace celebrates the previous point with the team.

In preparation for this season, Hudkins has been putting in work on the court to perfect her game. 

“Showing up and being committed to the team and practices was big”, Grace said. “Throughout the summer, there were many optional open-gym times and many of my teammates and I were there working hard.”

“If they [my teammates] weren’t there with me to motivate me, then this season would be nowhere near as successful as it has been this far,” she added.

Grace’s motivation is deeper than just her teammates, though. In fact, any type of negative energy makes her work harder than ever. 

“When people say I can’t do something, I want to prove them wrong so bad,” Grace admitted. “I do anything in my will to do so.”

Aside from proving people wrong, Grace is motivated by her family, who pushes her to be her best and has always been there to support her. With her dad as a football coach and her brother, Tyler, as an athlete, sports have been integrated into Grace’s life since day one. 

Coming into her senior year on the volleyball team as a captain, Grace has had to sacrifice a lot to get to the point she is currently. Giving up time with friends and family is hard to do; yet, having club volleyball tournaments all summer takes up insane amounts of time. Regardless, the improvement made in the offseason is what prepared her for this season. 

“I’ve made sacrifices with my time, giving up fun events with friends for practice,” Hudkins said. “I’ve also given up some of improv this fall.”

Balancing multiple extracurricular activities while being a senior in high school is extremely difficult. As a part of the volleyball team, Grace had made life-lasting memories–winning the conference championship just a short week ago is one of many. Along with multiple state championships for her club team and being a captain of the school team, Grace has nothing but positive recollections of this sport. 

With the season soon coming to a hopefully-victorious ending, Grace’s time with the team will soon be over. Nonetheless, her leadership and cordial personality will be felt on the team for years to come. She has undoubtedly left her mark on the program and will attempt to cap her career off with a state championship. Outside all of this, however, her main purpose is motivating the younger athletes. 

“Always make an effort, never stop smiling, and take a moment to realize that the place you are in is exactly where you need to be,” she said.