Will Hoffmann steps up on the tennis court with determination and leadership on the JV stage

Will Hoffmann steps up on the tennis court with determination and leadership on the JV stage

Tennis has recently been growing in popularity, and when sophomore Will Hoffmann steps onto the court, it is evident how the game has gained such a following. His skills and dedication prove him as a strong opponent at any level. 

“I first got into tennis because I had a tennis court at my cottage,” Will said. “My parents have both played for a while, and I tried it and liked it a lot.”

As a sophomore, Will has had time to get used to the high school sports setting while also getting to know the sport better as well. As a result, he has been able to pick out his favorite parts that make his matches even more enjoyable to him.

“My favorite part about tennis is the adrenaline. There’s no rest in the game, and there’s always action,” Will said. “I feel like, in other sports, there’s halftime or timeouts, but it’s tennis; it’s basically action for an hour or two.”

Will’s fellow teammate, Owen Godley, also had much to say about having his friend on the team and how he adds to the environment. 

“His groundstrokes are way more consistent than mine, so we can use that to our advantage when we play together.”

Like many of his fellow teammates, Will picks out turning points in his performance and also the highlights of his season that just came to a close on JV.

“I’ve had a lot of memorable matches, but my favorite one has to be against Portage. My doubles partner and I played some varsity guys, and we almost won,” Will remarked. “It was definitely a great learning experience and gave me confidence heading into the season. “

Junior JV teammate Micheal Boughton had a lot of fun watching Will play with the other guys on the team and grow as a player with the group. It was especially exciting when he would play with Luke Brown, another junior on the uprise. His teamwork and fun personality made him a great duos partner to have on FHC’s side of the court. 

“I’d probably say my favorite thing about having Will was to see how well he played with Luke and watch both of them grow together with each match,” Michael said.

On top of all that, Will has already achieved a great deal and made countless memories. Like any strong athlete, he expects more from himself as the off-season approaches. 

“One thing I would love to accomplish is to make the varsity team,” Will said. “JV is a great way to get better and have fun, but I feel like varsity will help me become a more strategic player and have more confidence in my playstyle.” 

Will’s mentality while playing is a balanced mindset with the goal to win, and his teammates see it in him with every action he makes.

“Will definitely had the attitude that he was trying to get better, and that attitude influenced many others on the team to do the same,” Will’s teammate Owen said. 

Teammate Micheal Boughton also noted Will’s good heart and leadership skills on the court that made him stand out from the rest.

“He was able to keep up with the older players, and he kept a positive attitude pretty much the whole time,” Micheal said.  

With all the potential Will has, it isn’t easy to separate him and tennis. Even though he has two more years of high school and a long life ahead of him, what happens after graduation is a question mark but a solid wish to keep tennis on his agenda. 

“I think that college is a long shot, but I’m willing to work toward the idea of playing more competitively in the future. Either way, tennis will always be a part of my life, whether it’s competitive or not.”

Will has so much in store for him in the upcoming years, both in the halls of FHC and past graduation when he explores the real world. At the end of the day, he is an excellent example for his peers and has a very bright future awaiting him. His work ethic shines through, and his determination to win sets him up for success every time. 

“What stands out about Will is his determination to improve his game and to win,” teammate Owen said.