JV football clinches an undefeated season after defeating EGR 14-8


Joe Murdock, Sports Reporter

The JV football team capped off its undefeated season with a 14-8 win against East Grand Rapids on Thursday. The Rangers did not put together its best game by any means, however, they found a way to come out on top. 

“It was definitely a dog fight and our guys were a little shell shocked, but mostly because of our own mistakes,’’ head coach Anthony Sultini stated. 

As for the mistakes, the Rangers missed many opportunities to put points on the board early in the game. Also, multiple turnovers in the first half gave the advantage to the Pioneers. 

The weather was a key factor in this matchup. Cold temperatures and a mist of rain resulted in fumbles and brutal playing conditions. East Grand Rapids elected to keep the ball in the hands of its quarterback for most of the first half, using him to rush the ball upfield. 

“East Grand Rapids was doing a great job running their quarterback and choosing to keep going back to their toss game, both gave us trouble,” Sultini said. “However, they went away from both in the second half and started to throw.”

The mid-game change of plans for the Pioneers turned out to favor of the Rangers. 

Sophomore Nolan Hartl scored a touchdown on the first drive of the second half to shift the momentum of the ball game. Coach Sultini said that the touchdown really helped to settle his team down and get back on the right track. 

Sophomore J Coe believes that ball security is what kept them alive despite turning it over. “Its going to be the most disciplined team that wins,” Coe said. “We were able to hold onto the ball when we needed to, and I think that is why we came out on top.”

This game wraps up JV football for the season, and the Rangers close out the year with a perfect 9-0 record. The promising underclassmen hope to transfer this success into next years varsity team.