Freshman football celebrates its biggest win of the year by defeating Byron Center 21-8

Freshman football celebrates its biggest win of the year by defeating Byron Center 21-8

Going into this season, there were many doubts about the freshman football team. With only 17 players, some doubted that it would even win a single game. Now, coming off their biggest win of the season against Byron Center, the freshmen boys have secured themselves a winning record for the season.

This past Thursday, the freshman team took on its biggest challenge of the year in the undefeated Byron Center Bulldogs. So far this season, Byron has been the powerhouse of the freshman league at 7-0; the Bulldogs have been unstoppable against every team they have faced.

The Rangers, on the other hand, have been the dark horse of the year. With only 17 players, they came in with a record of 3-2-1 with losses only to Jenison and Northview early on in the season. Everybody knew it was a long shot, but a win would solidify them a winning season, breaking past everyone’s expectations of them.

As of late, the offense has been very pass-heavy with quarterback Max Holser becoming a breakout player for the team. In this game, however, the team returned to its early-season gameplan and attacked with a run-heavy offense. Max still got his chance, though, running the ball into the endzone twice. Micah Meadow, the team’s go-to running back for the entire season, also helped put points on the board with a 60-yard touchdown run and his longest of the season. Another contributor included Bryson Jenkins, who had a long third-down conversion that maintained the team’s momentum.

It felt great that the running game did so well, especially since we’ve been a passing team for a while,” Micah Meadow said.

The passing game was nonexistent, with only about three passes leaving the pocket. Luckily for the Rangers, the reversion to the run was enough to carry the offense throughout the game.

On the defensive side of the ball, it was what it has been all year long. A dominant effort in all aspects of the defense led to Byron Center scoring only eight points, a season-low for the undefeated powerhouse.

The freshman pulled off a 21-8 upset over Byron Center. This is by far the team’s biggest achievement so far–a win that cements a winning record for the team. Not only was Byron a powerful team, but the freshmen were running an offensive playbook that they hadn’t run since week three.

“We prepare based on what we see on film, and we on the coaching staff cater to what the defense gives us,” head coach Anthony Sultini said when asked about the changes in his offense entering the game. “We found success in the run game and saw no reason to abandon it.”

On Thursday, October 21, the freshmen will face off against East Grand Rapids at home in their last game of the season.