JV football defeats Byron Center 14-6 for the second time this season


The JV football team outlasted the Bulldogs of Byron Center yesterday in a low-scoring game, 14-6. The Bulldogs have been playing well all season, with its only loss coming from the Rangers. This season the two teams had the unique opportunity to play each other twice in the regular season. Because of the blowout in week three, Byron Center came out with a different game plan that confused the Rangers to start the game. This time around, it was quite evident that the Bulldogs’ quarterback played a key role in the offensive attack. 

As a result, the Ranger defense had to adjust to contain the quarterback.

“Dealing with a skittish, mobile quarterback, sometimes defensives forget what they are supposed to do and become very undisciplined,” head coach Anthony Sultini said. “So, we had to maintain our original responsibilities and be able to stay disciplined and rally to the ball.”

The Bulldogs came out strong and scored the first touchdown of the game, yet missed the extra point. Due to the incredible defensive play of the Rangers, this was the only chance Byron Center got to put points on the board. Sophomore Brady Drueke played a great game on defense. The sophomore safety flew around the field throughout the game, helping to contain the Bulldogs. 

The Rangers got the chance to attack with the ball and took advantage. Sophomore Roman Brummel punched the first touchdown for Forest Hills Central, and sophomore J Coe completed the extra point attempt to take the lead 7-6. 

“We knew that they were going to be tougher to beat than the first time we played simply because they had already faced our sets once this season,” Roman commented. “It felt good to be able to execute again and edge out a win.”

The game consisted of good defense from both teams. This was the lowest-scoring game that the Rangers have participated in all season. Both teams struggled to score the ball. Sophomore quarterback Mason McDonald ran into the endzone to give his team an eight-point lead. In the end, FHC took down the Bulldogs 14-8.