JV football pummels rival Forest Hills Northern 47-0


The Ranger JV football team cruised past archrival Forest Hills Northern last Thursday, winning 47-0. The Rangers’ linemen controlled the flow of the game from start to finish. Sophomores Joey Wing and J Coe were very effective on the fronts for FHC. As a result of the linemens’ laborious work, quarterback Mason McDonald was able to run his offense patiently and read the Husky defense. 

The Rangers put up 47 points on Thursday night, and most of them were executed on the ground. Sophomores Nolan Hartl and Brady Drueke had rushing touchdowns early in the evening. A lot of the Rangers’ yardage was gained through the run game; however, McDonald decided to test his own arm strength late in the game. Mason completed a 20-yard pass to Chase Enbody, who dropped two Husky defensemen on his way to the endzone.

“Our run game was very effective and has been all season,” sophomore Roman Brummel said. “Our offensive and defensive lines were very productive all game.”

Brummel was productive on his own as well. His touchdown in the second quarter helped put the Rangers up by 25-plus points. Brummel also contributed on the defensive side alongside sophomore David Galloway, who blocked one of Northern’s punts. Galloway has been a threatening presence to opposing teams all season long and he made sure to make his presence felt against the Huskies. 

Head coach Anthony Sultini previously coached at Forest Hills Northern, where he began his coaching career. Three years ago, coach Sultini came to Forest Hills Central, where he continued his coaching career. He has been able to compete against his former colleagues for bragging rights.

“Personally for me, it’s about where I’ve been, where I’ve come from, and where I am now,” coach Sultini said. “For me to go against Forest Hills Northern where I started coaching, I respect the majority of the coaches because they are still the same coaches that I coached with, but once that kickoff happens, it’s all off and we play to beat them.”