Freshman football shuts out Greenville 34-0

Freshman football shuts out Greenville 34-0

After last week’s comeback tie against Lowell, the freshman football team had all the momentum they needed to take on Greenville. They were seemingly unstoppable with how strong the defense has been this year and how much the team has improved its passing attack.

After having trouble finding an offensive rhythm throughout the year, the freshmen were able to pull off their most dominant performance to date. Last week’s game against Lowell showed that head coach Anthony Sultini was finally ready to air out the passing game. This week proved just how much that one facet of offense brings to the game. Max Holser, getting his first start at QB, threw for two touchdown passes and ran in one himself. He even returned a punt for the second week in a row.

Other key contributors on offense included Ty Ryan and Brendan Cargill, both of whom caught a touchdown, and Micah Meadow, who ran one in. While the final score was lopsided, the blowout only began in the second half, with the Rangers going into halftime up 13-0.

It has been a similar story on the defensive side of the ball this season, except now that the offense has found its groove, the defense is no longer leading in scoring. Max Richardson, playing his first game with his fellow freshmen after returning from JV, was a threat on the defensive side of the ball, racking up multiple tackles. As a result, Greenville only made it past the 50-yard line in the second half once.

“Now that we can pass more, it helps the running game a lot because teams now need to worry about us passing the ball, and they are less prepared for the run game,” running back Micah Meadow said when asked about the offense’s running game moving forward.

The Rangers shut out Greenville 34-0. Looking to the next couple of weeks, Northern runs a similar offense to Greenville. So, if FHC’s defense can keep up their ability to stuff offenses, they should be looking forward to a win against the Huskies. However, next week, the Rangers won’t be playing a normal game. Instead, they will be joining the JV team to face off against Grand Rapids Christian.

“This week will be anything but a rest week,” coach Sultini said. “We are not only preparing for Grand Rapids Christian but the week after against Northern.”