Tyler Hudkins scores four touchdowns en route to 43-16 win over Lowell


“Touchdown, Tyler Hudkins!”

This particular roar from the FHC press box rang through the stands at Ranger Stadium on Thursday an astounding four times. Sophomores Mason McDonald and Tyler Hudkins were able to connect multiple times, including a 40-yard pass completion to end the first half. Hudkins was responsible for 24 out of the Rangers’ 43 points in the Rangers’ 43-16 victory over Lowell. Mason also accounted for the remaining two touchdowns on the ground.

“It’s the same old dance and song,” head coach Tony Sultini said. “Our offense is firing on all cylinders and our defense is lockdown each week.”

The JV football team seems to be playing in unison throughout the first half of the season. Coach Sultini is extremely proud of his sophomore class for stepping up and working with him on the process which every team must endure. The underclassmen have been energetic and eager prior to each game this season and have executed every week so far. 

“We have stuck to our fundamentals and continue to build on them throughout the rest of the season,” sophomore wide receiver Roman Brummel said. “Obviously, we have been very successful with sticking to our game plan each week, so I think if we continue to practice properly, we should be able to finish the season strong.”

The Rangers now have four of its toughest opponents put away with wins this season and have secured a 4-0 record. Coming up for the boys during homecoming week is the Greenville Yellow Jackets. 

“These JV players are what they have always been: thirsty for success and focused on being the best they can be,” coach Sultini said. “They truly believe that they can beat anyone at any time.”