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Top 10 best baseball Hall of Famers


The best baseball players of all time have always been debated between Babe Ruth, Wille Mays, and Cy Young. Here are the top ten baseball players of all time.

10. Stan Musial

“Stan the Man,” was widely considered as one of the best-hitting first basemen and outfielders in baseball history. He was consistent, and you could count on him to get a base hit or extra-base hit. He was reliable. He ended his career with a .331 batting average with 475 home runs, and 1951 RBI’s.

9. Cy Young

He’s got a dang award named after him for goodness’ sake. The Cy Young trophy is for the best MLB pitcher of the year, again, one of the most coveted awards ever. Cy Young was most likely one of the best pitchers in MLB history. He ended his career with a 2.36 ERA in 7356 innings pitched, with 2803 strikeouts. Tied as the best pitcher in MLB history.

8. Walter Johnson

Speaking of pitchers, I have Walter Johnson above Cy Young for one reason: the strikeouts. Walter played for the Washington Nationals from 1907-1927, and in that time frame he pitched 5914.1 innings and struck out 3509 batters. He will go down as the best pitcher in MLB history.

7. Jackie Robinson

History. Jackie Robinson became the first African American baseball player and broke down barriers in the MLB in 1947, and he also was a phenom on the diamond. He ended his career with a .313 batting average with 141 home runs and 761 RBIs. Jackie only played for 11 years, as well.

6. Lou Gehrig

Gehrig signed his first contract with the Yankees in 1923 and led the Yankees to six straight titles over 15 years. The first baseman finished his career with a .340 batting average with 493 home runs and 1995 RBIs

5. Ty Cobb

The first in our top five, Ty Cobb has always been close to my heart because he played for the Detroit Tigers. Cobb was a phenom on the diamond; he stole bases at a high clip and was always able to clutch up when they needed him. Cobb stole 897 bases, hit 117 home runs, and batted in 1944 runs.

4. Ted Williams

Williams has always been known for his supposed 20/20 vision, which led him to become one of the best and most remembered hitters in the MLB. Williams was the kind of guy who created runs. If there were guys in scoring position, he was going to bat them in, and if the Red Sox needed a run he had the necessary home run power. Williams ended his 19-year career with a .344 batting average with 521 home runs, and an astounding 1839 RBIs.

3. Hank Aaron

Hammerin’’ Hank Aaron, the legend was a coil of pure strength. Aaron finished his career second in the all-time home run leaders with 755, behind only Barry Bonds. Aaron finished his 23-year career with a .305 batting average and 2297 RBIs.

2. Wille Mays

Willie Mays was the definition of a clutch hitter. Wille remains one of the best athletes to ever play the game of baseball. His pure talent and skill on the defensive side of the ball are unmatched and always will be unmatched.

1.Babe Ruth

Probably the most well-known baseball player of all time, and the best. Ruth was a pitcher and a phenom hitter. Ruth played in the MLB for 22 years, and he hit .342 with 2214 RBIs and 714 home runs. Ruth played for the Yankees for 15 years, and in those years he became the best baseball player of all time, ever. And number one in the Hall of Fame.

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