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Top 10 best MLB jerseys of all time

Top 10 best MLB jerseys of all time

The MLB has always had out-of-the-box jersey combinations including city connect jerseys, home and away jerseys, and alternate jerseys. Here are the top ten best MLB baseball jerseys of all time.

10. New York Yankees Pinstripes

It’s a classic. When you see a white and navy pinstriped jersey you immediately know it’s the Yankees. It’s the most recognizable jersey in all of sports. Being a Detroit sports fan for the most part, it pains me to say it, but this jersey will go down as a classic.

9. Houston Astros Rainbow

If I was in a crowd of 100 people and the person, I was trying to find had a rainbow Houston Astros jersey on, I could find them in a split second. Yes, the jersey is that recognizable. It’s a striped, orange, blue, and yellow striped jersey. I think they’re pretty sweet.

8. Chicago Cubs City Connect

This is also one of the best jerseys I’ve seen ever in the MLB. The baby blue color scheme and scripted “Wrigleyville” across the chest give it an old-time feel with a more modern look. The jersey was one of the top sellers on last season. 

7. Classic Red Sox 

This is also one of the best jerseys of all time in the MLB. It’s also a classic. The red trim on the jersey with the script “Red Sox” is a classic. It forever will be up there with the Dodgers and Yankees for the best jersey of all time.

6. Classic Los Angeles Dodgers 

The Dodgers’ home uniforms have barely changed at all since the 1930s: same classic font, same classic colors, same classic logo.

5. Detroit Stars Throwback 

This jersey is so cool for many reasons. First, It honors the Detroit Stars Negro League team that played for almost 20 years in the Negro League from 1920-1937. The jersey also uses pinstripes and a color that the Tigers haven’t ever used: red. It embodies a lot and the Tigers only wear it one time a year, so it’s special.

4. Chicago White Sox’s City Connect

We’re getting into the top five jerseys and this one also has my heart. The uniform is mostly black with white trim and a script “Southside” across the chest. Since the White Sox play in the southside of Chicago it makes sense. It also seems to be quite similar to the Cubs’ “Wrigleyville” jersey. It’s a rivalry that doesn’t get played enough. However, the jersey is so incredibly cool, and it just shows the heat between the southside and the northside.

3. Boston City Connect

The yellow and blue in this jersey is just such a switch up from their usual jerseys that use the colors red, and white. The jersey embodies the famous Boston Marathon race, its main colors are yellow and blue. The jersey also was one of the first city connects and also one of the best. 

2. San Deigo Padres City Connect

This jersey is full of vibrant colors. It has a neon yellow, pink, and teal colorway with a white background. The jersey is probably one of the most colorful jerseys ever in the MLB and up there as one of the best city connect jerseys ever.

1. Atlanta Braves 1972-75 Throwback      

And number one, the Atlanta Braves 1972-75 throwback jersey. The feathered “A” and the scripted, loopy “Braves” across the chest is just so iconic. They look sweet and show the background of Native Americans in Georgia and Atlanta. For me, this is the best jersey ever released in the MLB.


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