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Q and A with varsity diver, senior Taylor Greemann


Name: Taylor Greemann

Class: Senior

Sport: Varsity swim and dive

How long have you been diving?

“I joined the dive team freshman year because I was looking for a fall sport to do during my high school experience.”

What other sports do you play at FHC?

“I am also a captain on the varsity lacrosse team and have been playing since around fourth grade.”

What is your best memory from your time swimming?

“My favorite memory from the Forest Hills Central swim and dive team happened this year. We do a “cottage weekend” a couple of days before the season starts that involves going to a teammate’s cottage and spending a weekend as a team doing team bonding activities to get to know one another. One of the traditions the team partakes in is known as the freshman swim. The freshman swim happens the last night of cottage weekend, where all the freshmen are just in a lake at midnight. The team plays music and it is really fun. However this year the other seniors and I decided that we would jump in the lake with the freshman. We spent about an hour running off a dock in our clothes and jumping in the lake, starting a new tradition of the seniors jumping in the water with the freshmen.”

What are the team’s biggest strengths this season?

Our team has struggled the last couple of years with numbers and little amounts of girls joining the team. However this year we were able to gain over ten freshmen which has really benefited our team. We have experienced divers that have taken first place at multiple meets and a few girls have already qualified for MISCA, giving our team an advantage going into the season.

What are your individual goals for this season? 

“My individual goals for this season are upping the degree of difficulty on dives and scoring higher on dives that I have had since freshman year, which in the long run will benefit my scores at eleven dive meets.”

What music do you usually listen to before meets?

I honestly don’t really listen to music before meets, and would rather do team cheers and chant songs with the team rather than listen to music by myself.

Do you have any superstitions associated with your meets?

“I have a couple of superstitions that I have been doing since freshman year. I always use the same chamois during meets (a green tie dye one) which I think gives me good luck. I also always dive on the board farther away from judges because I think it is the luckier board.

Who was your favorite teacher in your school career?

“I don’t think I have a definite favorite, but I would say my top three teachers I have ever had (in no particular order) was Mrs. Gerst, my first-grade teacher who was so nice, caring, and always kept the class fun. Second would be my teachers at Goodwillie, they really helped me learn how to be a better student, appreciate nature, and discover some of my true passions in life. Lastly would be Mr. Miedema, my woodshop teacher in the high school. I have had him for about ten semesters now, his classes are so much fun, I have been able to learn so many cool things, and make some amazing projects since freshman year.”

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