The 2nd Annual FHC Sports Report Awards Show is coming soon


With spring sports in full swing and the school year beginning to wind down, the FHC Sports Report staff has begun to plan for the second annual FHC Sports Report Awards Show. Last year’s show was such a success that the staff decided to do it again and for good reasons. The show is FHC’s own version of the ESPN ESPYs, with athletes from every sport nominated by coaches and then voted on by our staff. On the night of the show, nominees will walk in on the red carpet in their formal attire, get professional photographs taken, and be treated just like professional athletes. Winners are then announced, given plaques, and expected to give a brief speech on stage on the night of the event. Awards range from traditional awards such as male and female athletes of the year and dynamic duo all the way to hometown hero and who has the best drip on the court or field.

Serena Thiede, one of the Editors-in-Chief, is ecstatic about the upcoming awards show. “I think this show is important because besides individual athletic awards throughout the year, our athletes do not usually get the recognition that I believe they deserve, and this is a really cool way to do this. It also is a good way to bring everyone together towards the end of the year.”

The awards show, as Serena mentioned, is meant to bring the FHC community and student body together, which is why the show will be free for everyone to attend and to come and enjoy.

Not all awards are solely based on talent, and Lucas Thompson, the other Editor-in-Chief, told me why that is so. “It is important to give recognition to those that exemplify character as well rather than just pure athletic ability. There is more to a sport than just winning and losing, especially at the high school level.”

The FHC Sports Report Awards are fun for everyone, but it is especially fun for the staff. Throughout the entire process of sending out nomination ballots to all coaches of all three seasons, collecting nominations from coaches, contacting local businesses for sponsorships and support, democratically and professionally choosing the winners, planning the show agenda, rehearsing, and everything else that goes into it, the staff is able to bond and grow closer, one of the unique aspects of the FHC Sports Report class.

The FHC Sports Report staff is currently in the process of analyzing all of the nominees from the fall and winter seasons and will do the same very soon when spring nominations are returned. Out of all of the nominations that are collected, it is an extremely taxing process to widdle the field down to just five finalists for a majority of the awards, and they will be posted on the website in the near future. Despite all of the deadlines and handwork during the long process, the excitement is only building for this incredible night of fun.

For Serena, she is most looking forward to handing out the awards. “There’s something so special about being able to have that moment with athletes and to see them smile and light up as the crowd cheers as we hand them their awards.”

The show will take place on Sunday, May 21, at 7 p.m. at FHC’s own auditorium.