Three fast takes from the recent week of sports


1. It’s Izzo time – What goes up has to come down at some point; MSU basketball experienced this phenomenon after they lost a sloppy slugfest to a 14-10 Maryland team. As a fan, I was disappointed to see their three-game winning streak go down the drain, but between the day of the week this game was on and the quick turnaround it was, this game was the perfect storm to end a surging team’s winning streak. Just as another bubble team, Duke, squandered under pressure to a desperate Louisville squad, so did MSU. Luckily for me and the Spartans, this Maryland game wasn’t win or go home, so there are still more chances for Izzo’s March warriors to beat a championship contender like Michigan to buy a ticket into the Big Dance.

2. Say goodbye to Dan Dakich – Time after time, ESPN personality Dan Dakich has gotten away by the chinny chin chin with the extremely under-the-radar inappropriate Twitter feuds and radio outbursts. His most recent Twitter scandal involves a professor from Duke and an argument similar to a playground feud that involved “fighting in a pool.” Unlike his other blabbermouth mishaps, this one seems to be the last straw. According to a spokesperson from ESPN, the company Dakich has hung his hat on for the past ten years is “looking into” the outlandish comments from his back-and-forth Twitter war with the Duke professors. For the sake of journalism and broadcasting, I hope ESPN finds the courage to cut Dakich from their payroll for good.

3. Tiger won’t go down that easily – It sounds so grim, but I thought Tiger Woods’s February 23rd was the second coming of a tragic accident like Kobe Bryant’s. Around the same date as Kobe’s, the pieces fit together for a catastrophic story for the ages. All of the outpour from fans of Tiger’s showed me how much he has meant to not just the world of golf but also to the pop culture world as a whole. For once, it’s not about Tiger versus Jack but rather about Tiger: the human.