The frenzy around pickleball

In the past few years, a new sport has emerged on the scene. Whether it be a result of COVID-19 or bored tennis players, the sport of pickleball has taken the athletic world by storm. Its influence has spread all around the world, most notably the United States, and it has become a love-or hate for people in the tennis community.

The game is somewhat of a tennis rendition, using smaller plastic or wooden paddles, a wiffleball, and a net. It is a paddle-based sport with elements from badminton and tennis, and the court coverage is much less than that of a typical tennis court.

Although the sport was created in 1965, Pickleball is a relatively new sport. Although it was already somewhat popular in certain corners of the world, it quickly rose to fame during COVID-19. The rise of pickleball provided something to do and an outlet for many people who looked to have fun whilst moving but not having to work strenuously. It especially caught the attention of the elderly and the retired tennis players who still wished to dabble in tennis-related things. Pickleball caught appeal due to its availability and fun, and the fact that you could still engage with other people while being over six feet away.

Now, pickleball still remains at large. According to the CNBC, over thirty-six million people play pickleball worldwide, and the numbers are not looking to slow down. At tennis clubs around the country, it is not uncommon to see pickleball tape on the courts, or even full-on pickleball courts. Santa Monica Tennis Center is one of these locations that has recently invested $250,000 in a pickleball facility, and in Sarasota, Florida, where $180 million has been put towards a creation of a new pickleball club. Although both of these examples are impressive, these examples are shy of the true efforts being put into pickleball nationwide.

However, although pickleball has captivated many, it has also attracted a wave of people who disapprove, and most are tennis players. The takeover of pickleball can be seen as a snub to the original, more effort-commanding sport of tennis that it was based off of. It can be argued that pickleball is simply tennis without as much running, and the expansion of it into tennis facilities can take up space previously only used for tennis. Additionally, some of the picky individuals complain that pickleball is known to be a noisy sport since the sound of the wiffle ball being hit is noticeably louder than its counterpart, the tennis ball.

For the most part, the two worlds of tennis and pickleball join in a melodious friendship. Pickleball’s grasp on the world does not seem to be stopping anytime soon, and it is quickly becoming integrated into the world of sports. It brings fun, enjoyment, and more to those loosely linked to sports, and it is a lighthearted alternative to tennis. Go out and get involved in a growing sport that is as fun and unique as its name.