Varsity jackets at FHC: Should they make a comeback?


It is no surprise that fashion is known for constantly changing. Whether that be the type of shoes being worn or the cut of shirt length, there is never a day that something has not changed. However, there are some changes that many might not agree upon on the world of fashion, and the same goes for student-athletes in the world of sports as well. One fashion statement that has been slowly trying to come back as of late is the varsity letterman jacket. 

Throughout schools, it is known that some athletes get the opportunity and the honor to play on a varsity team—which is no different here at Forest Hills Central. With those accomplishments comes the actual letter itself. The main issue though that these athletes face is what should they do with that letter. In the past, however, that is where these jackets have come into play. The jacket not only allows for an athletes to express themselves but also brings attention to and emphasizes the amount of effort the athlete put into gaining this accomplishment.

“It’s a culture that not everybody can be a part of,” Anthony Sultini, a teacher and coach at FHC, said. “I don’t mind when people separate themselves that way because you the athlete should respect it, you should be honoring it, and you should be proud of the accomplishments that you made by making a varsity team.”Even though earning the right to wear these jackets is a great achievement, it also comes with a large responsibility. These jackets are not only showcasing the individual but the school as well.

“There are certain standards that you have to abide by in order to wear that jacket,” Sultini said. “I believe that when you put on that jacket, you are saying ‘I am a student-athlete, and I am proud of what I do.’ This is not meant to come across cocky about it by any means, but it’s a true sense of pride.”

However, there are some hurdles in the way of these jackets making a comeback in the halls of FHC. One large issue that many are facing when it comes to these jackets is the price tag. For instance, because these jackets include leather on the sleeves, they tend to be quite expensive. 

“I believe that they are severely priced,” Katy Dykstra, an ex-athlete at FHC, said. “In my personal opinion, I think that schools should provide jackets for those who earned them; however, if the recipient wants to add on any other details or alter the jackets, they should pay for that part themselves. If people have to pay for their own jackets, some may not be able to buy their own, and they would feel left out. If they are provided, it would help include those who might not get the opportunity.”

Although FHC will most likely not be able to support the funds for all athletes who want a varsity jacket, it still would be a better opportunity if students could buy these jackets from the school rather than having to buy them from companies that custom-make them and sell them on their own. It is known that with many other schools, students are able to buy these jackets from the school at a cheaper rate than having to buy them from a third party that has to customize them to their liking. It also would allow athletes to have the same style of varsity jacket, with minor add-ons, which creates a universal look.

With these jackets hopefully coming back in style, many are starting to notice them and have an appreciation for them. Athletes of FHC should be proud to express their dedication to their sports that they have put so much effort into. Not only do these jackets serve as a symbol of achievement, but they can also act as a great motivator to others. “The jackets can help improve one’s confidence, and help others to strive harder to earn their varsity letter,” added Katy Dykstra.

So before athletes take their varsity letter and simply throw it in a shoebox underneath their beds, or place it in a frame, they should highly consider showing it off by bringing back the all-time great high school tradition of the varsity jacket and proudly display the green and white of Forest Hills Central.